How to Pet Proof Your Home | Luxury Apartments Boynton Beach

At Savona Grand, our community features luxury amenities that both you and your furry friend can take advantage of, like the dog park that features agility equipment where your pup can run and play! When it comes to a new pet, it can take time to train them and it is important to keep your belongings safe during this process. Use this guide filled with the best pet-proofing products to keep our luxury apartments in Boynton Beach in top shape!

Evrilholder Furemover Broom

When it comes to pets, unless they are hypoallergenic, they will inevitably shed and get their hair in every corner of your home. With this broom, you can easily clean up the hair, no matter what surface it is on. The rubber bristles trap the hair and the retractable handle makes even hard-to-reach places easy to clean. The broom even has a squeegee on it so that you can easily clean up any other mess your pet may make.

Furniture Scratch Guards

With any pet, especially cats, there is always a possibility that they will crawl on and scratch up your furniture. These vinyl scratch guards allow your pet to scratch on them while the fabric beneath stays protected. The scratch guards are transparent, making them almost invisible to see and they are flexible enough to wrap around the corners of your furniture. The guards also use pins that are easily removable so that you can adjust the guards as needed.

Pet Cords Cord Protector

Protect both your pet and your electronics with these cord protectors by Pet Cords. These cords act as a second barrier of defense that protect the insulated wires that lead to your electronics, as well as pet from getting shocked. The cords will cover up to 10 feet of wire up and are easy to apply.

Come home to our luxury apartments in Boynton Beach and find the perfect place for you and your pet to call home. Schedule your visit to Savona Grand today!